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"I am the Avatar. I will be the one that will restore balance to the world again."
— Ching Xue to the people of the Northern Air Temple.

Ching Xue
Ching Xue
Biographical information

Southern Air Temple


Air Nomads


88 at death


1914 ASC


Ri (as the Avatar)


Mario (as the Avatar)

Physical description


Hair color

Brown (typically shaven)

Personal information
Weapon of choice

The elements

Fighting style(s)

Airbending, Waterbending (Northern Style), Earthbending, Firebending, Energybending


Air Nomads, all Avatars, Gong Ha, Heron, Monk Huredaeng (formerly), Chief Nakoke (formerly), Earth King Xiao(formerly), Fire Lord Wangzuha (formerly),


Monk Huredaeng, Chief Nakoke, Earth King Xiao, Fire Lord Wangzuha

Chronological and political information

Airbending instructor


Fully Realized Avatar


Air Nomads
Air Scouts (formerly)

Avatar Ching Xue was born as a successor of Avatar Ri and as a predecessor of Avatar Mario. He was a calm quiet man and he joined as the Air Scouts when he was a boy. He became the leader of the Air Scouts at that time and he led his team perfectly.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Avatar Ching Xue was born in the Southern Air Temple to the strong airbenders. He was kidnapped by a man from the Earth Kingdom. When he was about to kill Ching Xue, Ching Xue directly goes into the Avatar State at the age of 0. The kidnapper wanted to tell the world but Ching Xue's guardian killed him using firebending. The guardian brought him back to the Southern Air Temple.

Ching Xue was told as the Avatar at the age of 11. 5 years earlier than the usual. Ching Xue meditates and goes to the Spirit World. He met Ri, Avatar before him. Ri began to teach Ching Xue. Ching Xue said, "I will promise that I won't be killed in the Avatar State. I promise you, Avatar Ri." Ri smiled at him and taught him energybending.

Bitter TrainingEdit

Ching Xue began his training. The monks told him to go to Huredaeng, Nakoke, Xiao, and Wangzuha. The monks chose them because they said that they have a sense of greatness inside them. So, Ching Xue went to Huredaeng first.

Huredaeng, Nakoke, Xiao, and Wangzuha are the members of all royal family of the four nations. They are only small kids. Soon, Ching Xue mastered more moves. Then, he became an airbending master. But, Huredaeng claimed himself that he will be the leader of the Air Nomad. So, Huredaeng kicked Ching Xue out, leaving the young Avatar traveling the world alone with his bison from the Eastern Air Temple

He flew to the Northern Water Tribe to see Nakoke. When they met each other, Nakoke greeted him with a smile. When Nakoke gave him a waterbending scroll, he called the guards to kick Ching Xue away. Ching Xue was too weak for the attacks. Then, Ching Xue yelled at the Tribal Prince. Nakoke didn't care.

Ching Xue bends the cloud using Airbending and Waterbending. He also practiced his waterbending in the sky. Soon, they arrived in the Earth Kingdom's capital, Ba Sing Se. He saw Xiao. Xiao gave him a book titled:Earthbending. Then Xiao asked Ching Xue to leave. The Avatar is shocked to know that. So, the Avatar took some rocks and put it on his bison. He trained earthbending in the sky.

Lastly, he went to the Fire Nation. Wangzuha seemed to be not in the palace. But, he is behind Ching Xue. He gave Ching Xue a book titled:Firebending. It's the same like the book Xiao gave. Wangzuha attacked Ching Xue with his bison. But, the prince can't stand a chance. Ching Xue was able to escape. Then he decided to live on his bison.

He checked the last page of the book. It says: I will kill your reincarnation. -Huredaeng, Nakoke, Xiao, Wangzuha

Marriage and Fully-Realized Avatar Edit

Ching Xue is a fast learner. Even from a book he can master the elements. Then he continue to fly. While flying on Gugaa, his flying bison, he saw a nun. Ching Xue was so happy to see a talented Nun, Gong Ha. He really wanted to marry her but she already had another boyfriend. Ching Xue tried everything but he failed. Ching Xue was so angry but he managed to marry Gong Ha. Gong Ha loved Ching Xue more than his former boyfriend later on. The couple had 1 child, Heron. Heron married a nun and have 3 children.

Battling the leaders of the Four NationsEdit

Ching Xue went to the Earth King's palace. He saw his old masters playing Pai Sho. Then Ching Xue does an ambush towards them and froze them. They were brought to a place in the Southern Earth Kingdom. Ching Xue is freezing them into an iceberg and they will be released after Raava reincarnates the Avatar Spirit. That means, no leaders of the nations until the time.

Death Edit

The time has come for Ching Xue to leave. But, his works are still alive. Raava reincarnates the Avatar Spirit. Then the iceberg broke into pieces. The four men are released.